About Me

April Fool’s Day, 2020

I wasn’t sure I’d start writing again, but here I am.

Instead of a sterile “about” page, I thought I’d keep this thing more personal and flowing.

Right now, I’m a 65-year-old lady living in a small agricultural town on the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan. I’ve had a life filled with adventures, successes, failures, struggles, wonders, children, love affairs, marriages and disasters.

I’d made something of a name for myself as a blogger–working really hard at it from my mid-50’s until a few months after I turned 60. I pulled the plug in July of 2015. It just seemed that I didn’t have anything more to say.

Now it seems I do. The words banging around in my heart and head are asking to be put on the page once more. And I’ve had 5 friends and family members who individually suggested within the last few months that I start writing and putting my thoughts out once more. 

So, here we go . . .

Robin Korth